Hi everyone

Welcome to the website In Fashion Africa

My name is Sonia PauloI am a model and fashion stylist

I am graduated in economy and hospital business administration,and master in the same area.

I used to defile to the best brands of Italian fashion. Fashion has always been my greatest passion. And that passion was born this website.

I created two stores of shoes that had a lot of success in Luanda and Maputo. I participated in several television programs of fashion and i have been protagonist of a film made in Italy.

The idea of this website was born on a day that I was searching for some information on the African fashion on the internet.I found some information,however dispersed. That is,each country. In my constant search,, I also wanted to know about Africans who lived,whether in Africa or anywhere in the world,passionate  about fashion and that follow as me.I also found fragmented information. That is why it occurred to me the idea of creating a website ( a single channel) which embraced all information of fashion that has to do with Africans ( stylists,fashion bloggers,events of art,travels and much more).

I hope that all fashion lovers follow this website and be informed.

Thank you very much for having visited this page!