Nadir Tati

NADIR TATI  is the excellence Angola in fashion world. She entered and made a good start into fashion world, coming firmly and to stay. She creates  exclusive and unique collection following her own inspiration without copying any other stylist. Her master piece are personalized and therefore she has never made two matching tiles,what distinguishes it from various designers and it also increases more and more her creativity. She also has to be in constantly creating and searching new inspiration for each piece that creates. In her collection, she tries to bring up places,countries where she lived,and retelling  them through her collections. She was the first stylist to dress the first lady in her country, Ana Paula dos Santos. In short time reached the panorama of fashion participating in events like Moda Lisboa with its collection  freedom which was inspirited in 40 years  of independence of Angola.

She put the Congolese actress  Rachel Mwanza on the occasion of the presentation of the film during the Oscar for best foreign language film. Was also named by Forbes magazine, who spoke of her “Dress of 10 million dollars” . This name won when displaying ger gown in a auction,reaching that incredibly price.

Her showrooms are located in Lisbon,Cascais and Johannesburg. This last in South Africa .