In Fashion Africa is the first platform that speaks about fashion made by Africans in 360°

The objective is to leverage the creativity of Africans designers and all actors of fashion creating single channel that speaks of fashion specially the ethical sustainable fashion to promote the development of new synergies between African designers ( emergent and asserted), and international designers, together with the all entourage, including fashion bloggers, photographers, models and fashion events.

Studies have confirmed that the future of the fashion is in our continent. Our people will always inspire the soul of the  world: the light,our colours,our relationship with the nature,with the land.

All of this has always resulted in reference to creative arts and crafts: authenticity and uniqueness combined with the ability to build a fashion focused on principle and responsible.

Finally the world realized that how our culture rich in traditions and art can help enrich the fashion world. We are living in an Era in which talented designers are gaining a space increasingly on the international scene.

If before the creator felt that limit of lack of means to publicize their talent to gain visibility and have a comparison with large maison, today with the globalization of digital technology, creativity is enjoying a particularly favorable for the development and promotion of new talents and to be able to rank in to the international market.

We believe in our bright future,where our designers along with the big names in fashion may become protagonists of equal respect and dignity just like the others, finally giving its contribution in the evolution of global culture and fashion.